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Hi! So you’ve made it to the about page. Here you’ll find out all you need to know all about Afro Pig.

Who are you?
I’m the person who made up this site.

What’s the story behind Afro Pig and Friends?
AP came to life in about 2008 from a poor sketch a friend drew in my sketchbook based on this image:


It was a really bad drawing. So I doodled it into something else and, behold, Afro Pig was born.

How often do you update?
I need to sort this out. Follow the Instagram account to get regular updates.

Can I contact you?
Sure! You can suggest ideas by either replying to a post or emailing me. You can also get in touch via InstagramFacebook, or Twitter.

Do you sell any of your stuff?
Why, yes, I do. I use Society6 for AP merchandise. They make pillows, mugs, shirts, and lots more. Check out the store here.

Anything else?

Credit to the icons: Info designed by Freepik, Home designed by Freepik, Cart designed by Freepik

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