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Afro Pig is an adventurous pig with an imagination as big as his hair. (In fact, he won most luxurious hair in 1996.)

His greatest wish is to be a superhero so he always keeps an eye out for anyone who needs help, from old ladies crossing the street to dogs whose ears have flipped.

As a self-described “master of disguise,” Afro Pig often uses his cosplaying skills during adventures. Despite encountering big challenges or weird situations, Afro Pig always stays optimistic.


Afro Pug is Afro Pig’s pet pup. Afro Pug is a bit spoiled and expects lots of attention and treats from Afro Pig. He doesn’t speak, but one look at him and you can tell he’s a confident dog (some might say a little too confident).

But don’t get him wrong: Afro Pug is highly intelligent, incredibly loyal, and always has his owner’s best interest at heart. He’s known to help Afro Pig out of scrapes when he inevitably gets into them!


Little Lamb is a school-aged lamb. He loves science and creative writing class (he isn’t sure which he likes more.)

When he’s not in school, you can generally find him with Afro Pig. He looks up to him and secretly wants to be like him when he grows up. Little Lamb is a bit shy and unsure of himself, but he’s got great potential.


Suspicious Sheep is a very serious sheep.

His kid brother is Little Lamb who he loves to the moon and back. He watches over him and wants to make sure that he grows up into a strong sheep.

Suspicious Sheep is somewhat distrustful of Afro Pig and thinks he could be a bad influence on Little Lamb.


Ginger Seal is a laid-back, cool-as-a-cucumber seal with a unique ginger coat and big sparkling blue eyes. She takes life in stride and never lets anything get under her fur. She loves surfing the waves or laying flat on her back to gaze at the endless blue sky.

She thinks Afro Pig’s quest to be a superhero is admirable, but she’d rather chill out by the beach. Her favorite song is What a Day for a Daydream.


Hippo King is ruler of the land. He commands from a mighty mansion atop a hill so that he can see his bountiful land.

….To be honest, he’s not really a king. He’s a rich guy. Everyone just calls him Hippo King because of the hat he bough for himself and pretty much everyone works for him. He’s very selfish and is often hatching schemes to increase his wealth.

He doesn’t care for Afro Pig much because he sees helpfulness as a weakness that never gets you any money.


Sir Beaver is Hippo King’s butler, but everyone knows him as Surly Beaver thanks to his winning personality. He has a past remarkable character and constantly has his eyes rolled to the back of his head. (Fun fact: his favorite emoji is the eye roll emoji!) He’s Hippo King’s right-hand man.

When he’s not in the mansion, he can be found drinking Earl Grey tea in his cozy dam. If it was up to him, he would spend his days drinking tea and reading books, but hey you have to make a living somehow…


Baconburg is a lovely city near the water that has something for everyone: nature, cool shops, and chilled out peeps. You can lounge by the water with a cold drink, go to the nearby forest for some light hiking, or visit the city to have a coffee or two.


Afro Pig wants to be a superhero. To him, any small thing that helps is heroic and contributes to his ultimate goal. He doesn’t mean to throw wrenches into Hippo King’s greedy plans, but as Hippo’s ideas tend to cause the inhabitants of Baconburg some form of distress, Afro Pig always seems to get involved somehow.

Inspired by Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi,” Hippo King decided to auction off the beloved city park to real estate developers. After learning the news, the people cried, the children cried, the trees cried (though that may have been morning condensation). Afro Pig couldn’t stand seeing this unhappy atmosphere so he decided to hold a big fundraising party by Bacon Beach. Although the whole town pitched in, they didn’t have enough to beat the highest bid. Turns out the fake pirate ship that Afro Pig hired out as part of the festivities was a real pirate ship owned by Two-Eyed Billy. The town used the money to save the park.



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