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How Am I Doing: August

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Hello all,

This is sort of for you, whoever reads this, but also just for me. I’ll be doing monthly blog update to see how I’m doing cartooning-wise. Sometimes it’ll be meandering. Other times I might talk about movies. To be honest, I don’t know.

The Plan

Anyway, how HAVE I been doing? I have half-formed ideas and then when it comes down to making them into comics, I get too bogged down in the drawing stuff. So, in my opinion, everything ends up half-done. So my plan right now is to focus on the writing and then build up to the drawing. I mean, there have been popular comics and shows out there that are essentially stick figures. No one thinks stick figures are AMAZING, but what’s attracting people to this? The writing. If I can nail the writing (as much as one can), then I can build on the drawing. Also, my computer is having serious issues, so it’s actually fairly frustrating to draw on it. Maybe it’s a strange blessing in disguise.

What I’m doing

I took some time out to write down a bunch of ideas while in a coffee shop. I have yet to convert them all into actual comics.


Along with this, I bought a book that teaches you how to do stand-up comedy. Yeah. I’m not doing stand-up AT ALL, but I feel like I could use some help with joke constructs and the like. Apparently, this book is pretty good for setting up exercises to help you think outside of the box and not use phrases like “outside of the box.” I’m actually pretty interested in it so far. I don’t know how it’s going to work out, but I feel like I’m on my way to improving which is nice.

Meanwhile, I’ve just bought a new computer. So maybe I won’t have a hard time drawing anymore. Let us pray.

Bonus life info

I’m looking into kayaking. I’m not very good at picking up things on the first go.