Making mistakes

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I make many mistakes. I can’t think of any right now. Oh yeah, I messed up on confirming some dates so I caused a tiny fooforall (is this a word? because if it’s not then there’s a fresh mistake for you to consume) with work and a client.

Oh, look at me. Saying words like “clients.” I’m so grown up. Maybe I’ll start wearing grown up pants rather than the ones I’ve worn for the last 10 years. This is no lie. And possibly a mistake.

The Final Cartooning Class

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The session
It was the final session and everyone attended. We were told at the beginning of these classes that we were going to make a comic of our own for the last class. Considering the previous session, I was pretty certain that we were going to work on more panels. I was right. But instead of creating a whole comic, we did one of those rounds things. You know, like one person says the first sentence of the story, the next person builds on that, and so on and so forth. I did the first and last panel of my comic. It went oddly but was kind of fun. It was also nice engaging with the other students for once.

How I performed
This was the end result:


Basically, it’s two penguins standing next to a fishing hole. From this point, I lost control of the page. The penguins then meet a baby polar bear. Naturally, they are frightened by this. The polar bear asks them if they could accompany him into the polar bear region to find its mom. They say no and the polar bear dies of starvation. It was a confusing ride.

What I learned
Cartooning can be fun! I guess I already knew that but it’s also just real fun looking at other people’s work and (if they allow you) adding your own spin. I also learned networking is basically the only way to get anywhere in any business. Hrmph.

Something interesting
The lecturer did some standup comedy in college and hung around with Vic Reeves sometimes (a really wacky guy on British TV).

The Future?
I’ll draw more. Got to. Apart from that, there’s another course starting up in October. I might do that. I’d like to meet more people in cartooning and the like but it’s a bit difficult knowing how to do that. Kind of like meeting new people in London. Which I still haven’t been able to do.

So now that it’s over, I’ll aim to update the page more often. It’s been lagging since the NBA Jams (I need to finish that collection too).