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Applying for jobs

Applying for jobs published on

Sometimes applying for jobs is disheartening. I’m not in that process at the moment, but something brought it to mind. Many a man have been there. The first application is pretty solid. The kick-bottom (oh yes, bottom) cover letter coupled with a stellar resume. Dear sir or madam… passionate…proactive…I truly believe…I look forward to hearing from you.

100K? I guess I should start on a modest salary to be safe.

This is when you’re naive enough to wait for a response before sending off another application (especially if it’s the dream job). You persevere despite the utter shock that came from not even a rejection, but a no-response. You will learn to understand the no-response. You will embrace the no-response. It is the only way. When you’re up to 10 applications, the soul crumbles a little. By 25, anything resembling employment will do. I was even non-responsed from Starbucks and I had an extra degree.

Sorry, no job. Would you like an extra helping of f*** you instead?

All this job talk probably comes from the fact that I just finished reading the Grapes of Wrath. It’s also probably why I’m thinking in old timey, vagrant speak and am starting to believe my life is a struggle worth transcribing into the great American novel. I had a grilled cheese about 13 minutes ago though.

The cheese of rage?

The Grapes of Wrath guys ate fried dough and breast milk. There might not be enough parallels. What’s it take to make the great American novel? I’m thinking whisky and 6 toed cats.