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Things on Facebook

Things on Facebook published on

Something I keep encountering is negativity on Facebook. Revelation it is not, thankyouverymuch. But the problem I keep seeing is people who LIKE pages that are almost designed to infuriate them. As in, hipster-types liking Kim Kardashian’s page (I assume there is one?) or a designer liking a page devoted to comic sans. Do you want to make yourself angry? Maybe that’s the point of Facebook, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure Twitter has rampant hate on lockdown but it’s possible these people are looking for a newsfeed of curated hate.

I recently saw a page geared towards teens where most everyone who commented negatively was clearly far older than the page’s target audience. The teens won’t listen, adults. That’s what makes them teens. And if you’re trying to tell the corporate Facebook page about your grievances, then I’m sorry but there’s probably an social media manager from an agency managing the background there. So basically you’re complaining to a bunch of vacant teenagers, a small fry employee who has no power to do anything about your complaints, or an agency grunt who has many more accounts to attend to.

This is a post that I posted on the internet complaining about complaining on the internet.