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Bear foot

Bear foot published on

Bear feet have many perils. As do bare feet. Living in a tropical location as a child allowed me to become familiarized with various kinds of flora and fauna. Mainly palm trees, lizards, and palmetto bugs aka roaches.

There has been many a time where I was in the comfort of my home and stepped on something cold and foreign. Which turned out to be a penny. Pennies, pennies, pennies are not from heaven. Pennies are meant to be housed in Disney World savings water jugs. But this isn’t about where pennies do or do not belong. It’s about feet – the bare kind. One day, while petting my dog, I felt a cold penny under my foot. The dog walked off and I made a move to the kitchen. So did the penny. The penny was a roach. Even crushed under foot, it didn’t die. Twice in my life this has happened.

And this is why bare feet are perilous. Bear feet too, I guess.