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Fear the Walking Pig

Fear the Walking Pig published on

I’m pretty excited for the fall TV season. In honor of it, I’m going to do some pics of the ones I’m most excited or interested in. First up, Fear the Walking Dead. I’ve watched the first 3 episodes so far and am enjoying it. They’ve finally gotten to the part where zombies happen on large scale. I predict all will die. Hopefully, they will. Also on the zombie front is Z Nation. It’s incredibly SyFy, but that’s the fun. Embrace the cornball and everything doesn’t need to be depressing when it comes to science fiction.

Anyway, here’s what I’m interested in checking out and what I may draw or something (Thanks, Variety!):

Fear the Walking Dead (started)
Rick & Morty (started)
South Park (Sep 16)
Moonbeam City (Sep 16)
Fresh off the Boat (Sep 22)
The Goldbergs (Sep 23)
The Middle (Sep 23)
Empire (Sep 23)
Black-ish (Sep 23)
HtGAwM (Sep 24)
Bob’s Burgers (Sep 27)
The Last Man on Earth (Sep 27)
The Daily Show (Sep 28)
The Affair (Oct 4)
The Leftovers (Oct 4)
AHS (Oct 7)
The Walking Dead (Oct 11)
Jane the Virgin (Oct 12)

Generally, I watch cartoons as well so that’s always fun.